Automotive support

Within the OEM Automotive Industry IDForce is a well known name. From various locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany we service our renowned clients (OEM manufacturers, suppliers and customers), often from an in-house location at the production site.


The flow must go on!
Better than anyone else IDForce understands the consequences of an interruption in your production process. Everything IDForce does for our clients is dedicated to avoid this. Hence our motto “The Flow Must Go On”!


We offer the following services:

0208150307Quality control
Our Quality Inspectors are available day and night to perform inspections on incoming goods on your site according to your specifications. If desired, it is also possible IDForce deals directly with your supplier so you can focus on your core business.


Repack / relabel

IDForce can pack or re-pack your parts and apply stickers or labels, eventually combined with a quality check of the parts.


Modify / rework / repair
If parts don not meet your quality specifications after being checked, it may be desirable that the products are reworked, modified or repaired by IDForce employees to meet the standards.

We can perform mechanical actions like  deburring or making small adjustments with a cutter or a drill. Or i.e. replacing damaged parts from a sub-assy. In the field of electronics, we are able to reprogram, install new software (re-flash) or updates your parts.


Line support
In case of production peaks, calamities or urgent controls, our inspectors carry out their activities at the manufacturer’s production line.


Outgoing goods control
IDForce can perform 100% inspection of all outgoing goods for both you and your supplier to minimize risks and PPMs.0208150518


Launch Support / Launch Engineers
The phase before and during the launch of a new model involves a lot of extra work. During this period, an IDForce engineer on-site can support you on a flexible base. A major advantage is that these engineers already know their way in and around the plant which makes it possible for them to act quickly and effectively.


Resident Engineers / Liaison Services
Manufacturers often desire extensive support from their suppliers during the lifecycle of a model. But if problems occur, the distance between supplier and manufacturer might make it difficult and expensive for a supplier to act quickly. Your engineers might not even be available for traveling abroad. IDForce provides you with a proper solution: You can hire one of our Resident Engineers who will be present at the production site and represent your company. He or she can act as the contact for your clients for all ongoing matters concerning your company, will attend meetings and provide support when needed. Decisive yet flexible!


0208150315Quality Engineers
To support your quality department you can rely on our pool of Quality Engineers. Our Engineers are distinguished by their  typical “Hands-On” mentality: If necessary they are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Proper education and a continuous learning program make sure our engineers have knowledge of QS9000 and typical tools (e.g. Global 8D, PPAP, APQP and FMEA).


It may occur that after your products left the plant, some checks, modifications or repairs have to be made afterwards. IDForce can do this for you. We can form our own teams to perform these actions for you under IDForce supervision, anywhere worlwide!


Especially for modifications on a limited edition series, you can rely on our team of Mechanics. Our mechanics can make modifications to both the interior and exterior of your cars, on any location. For example when you consider applying decals and interior accents after production.