Cleanroom support

werken cleanroom_67IDForce offers the perfect solution for companies which have a strong need for flexible workforce in their cleanroom. Because your client’s orders often require a varying personnel planning of your cleanroom,  it can be very inefficient to assign your fixed staff. Besides, working in a cleanroom is a specialization on its own of which you are certainly aware of.


Therefore we offer you the opportunity to hire our specialized staff for the duration of a specific project or on a day to day basis. Our employees are experienced in the specific demands of working in a cleanroom and they all have their specialties.


Contamination Control
Our experienced inspectors are able to perform all required checks on incoming and outgoing goods. For example, to detect any contamination  we use tools such as UV lamps. If desired, IDForce can check on any product specification. You will receive a daily report of all results and actions taken.


To meet the stringent requirements of your clients, thorough cleaning of your products is essential. Depending on your cleanroom conditions, our employees are able perform the cleaning for you, up to Grade 2 level. Our employees are also able to operate your ultrasonic cleaning system.werken cleanroom_37


Thanks to our extensive expertise and cooperation with third parties, we are able to perform customized packaging for the parts on your site.


Cost reduction
Instead of sending your products to any external party, IDForce employees perform their cleaning , packing and other activities in-house at your site. This results in saving you substantial logistics and handling cost.


Remote location
If you need our support on a different location than your own site, for example your supplier´s or customer´s site, we are also able to do this for you. We will arrange all necessary things that go with it, including all administrative matters. Again, you can use our support on any location worldwide.


No cleanroom?
If  you do not have your own cleanroom available but you want to use our services? No problem at all! We work with a reputable partner that offers us the possibility to rent cleanroom space for our projects in a very flexible way. Please ask us about the possibilities.

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